About Me

Jean-Michel “JM” Arthus

Principal, Realtor & Developer

I am a former biomedical researcher and Title I high school science teacher turned realtor and real estate developer.  

How does that happen?

I always had an interest in real estate, but did not have the time to pursue it with my full time job.  The pandemic, and with it the shutdown of most schools, provided me with the opportunity to pivot.

I obtained my realtor’s license, applied and was accepted into Rice University’s Real Estate Investment and Development program, and deep dived into an internship at Change Happens CDC, a Houston-based community development firm.  These fast-paced and intensive programs solidified my interest in multi-family development.

Partners in Development

As a graduate of the Rice University Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development program and a LISC SEED academy developer, I partner with change-focused organizations to address the housing crisis in the Greater Houston Area. Some of our partners include:

Helping Investors.

Building Families.

I also help investors explore options for investments in affordable homes, and help families with their home ownership goals.

I assist investors with feasibility and market studies and advise community multi-family developers on the financial viability of their new developments and other investment opportunities.

As a former educator, I educate families on the home ownership process and explore options for affordable homes.


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